Petr Zlamalik

Boxing Coach

Petr has spent over 10 years dedicated to his craft in the ring. In 2013, he became The New Zealand 165 lbs Boxing Champion and provides his clients with a strong foundation in boxing science.

Trainer Introduction

Petr Zlamalik

Following his championship title win, Petr first moved to Vancouver, Canada to pursue training boxers full time and took up residency at Sugar Rays Professional Boxing Club. Petr spent his time training a wide array of clients, ranging from competitive boxers, children beginning in the sport, to established professionals looking to get into shape and wanting to learn the art of “The Sweet Science”.

Regardless of your abilities, Petr`s experience training and competing in many countries, with many cultures, has made him a teacher with great patience and understanding. He can help you create, hit and surpass your fitness goals.


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