Marty Hansen

Yoga Practitioner

Marty has developed into a mindful Yoga practitioner from his 23 years in health and fitness. His approach to physical healing considers mind, body and soul balance.

Trainer Introduction

Marty Hansen

Marty became a Fitness Coach in 2006 from a background of alpine ski coaching and coach educating. Marty rose quickly through coaching several athletes to provincial and national team status and developing teams and programs throughout Canada and in Australia. This foundational work developed World Champion and Olympic medalists and mentored top coaches highlighted his 23 year career.

Marty’s sessions are mindful and dynamic with attention provided to the subtler details of movement and focus where positive change occurs individually and in the moment. Working in an enjoyable way over a long period of time is the key to fitness success; Marty has many clients who follow this approach to success in their fitness.


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