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Personal Training

Work with our trainers to design a health program that best fits your personal goals and adds true value to your life.
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Unlocking the dysfunctional physical patterns in our brains and healing the behaviours that cause them.
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Massage Therapy

Improve your performance, increase joint mobility and flexibility in your muscles and connective tissue with massage therapy.
Fierce Cardio


Find your true grit pounding the bags, working your balance and agility through exhaustive muscle fitness.
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Meet our experienced team of Personal Trainers

At Mission Fitness our staff bring years of experience in personal fitness, medical exercise specialities, and nutrition. Our combined knowledge allows us to design fitness and wellness programs tailored to your specific needs to help you achieve your personal health goals.

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Experience the difference Mission Fitness can make to your personal training goals.

Get started today at Mission Fitness with a complimentary consultation, where our fitness leaders learn about you, your needs and personal health goals. We consider your medical history and exercise background, your exercise style and comfort level, and take into account any previous or existing injuries in order to align your personal fitness data with what you want to achieve…and then we set out to achieve it together!


Tried & Proven Results

Committing to your health delivers a greater functional capacity, strength, a more positive attitude, less sickness, and a longer and more productive life.

Get Bigger Gains

Our dedicated programs help you break through your physical plateaus to recognize greater muscle growth and strength from your workouts and nutritional well-being.

Increased Wellness

Your commitment to your healthy self and well-being will achieve synergy between mind, body, and soul and exercises your understanding of life balance and wellness.

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