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Biofeedback is an energetic stress reduction system.

Biofeedback trains you to gain control over physiological properties of your body in order to avoid damage and improve your mental strength and performance. The process retrains your body to return to a relaxed state with greater ease.


Massage Therapy

Shorten recovery times between workouts.

Exercise can damage muscular tissue. Massage therapy shortens the recovery time between workouts. It increases blood flow to the muscle tissue, and gets rid of metabolic waste and scar tissue. In turn it improves your performance, increases joint mobility and flexibility in muscles and connective tissue.

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NeuroKenetic Therapy (NKT)

NeuroKenetic Therapy (NKT) has become the next generation of bodywork. Treat the cause of dysfunction, not the symptoms. NKT corrective movement system addresses the cause of dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain.


Nutritional Support

Food either works for you or against you.

Training is critical, and you are what you eat. Food either works for you or against you. At Mission Fitness, we educate our clients on how to use food as a tool that supports your objectives. We offer a variety of natural health products that provide further aid in achieving your health and fitness goals.

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