Marnie Johnston

Wellness Facilitator

Marnie is a Communication Specialist, Certified Life Skills Coach, Biofeedback Technician, and Belief Re-patterning® Practitioner/Facilitator.

Trainer Introduction

Marnie Johnston

Marnie Johnston provides services in the areas of personal and corporate wellness, stress reduction, communication, team building and teen programming. She is a seasoned facilitator with over twenty years’ experience including eight years as an instructor at Mount Royal University.

Marnie utilizes biofeedback, belief re-patterning® as well as a variety of other tools to support clients in the development of their personal and/or professional successes. In a session with Marnie, you can expect to gain insight into areas of their body and mind where stress is impacting their health and wellbeing. You will also experience a sense of well-being and gain direction.

Biofeedback provides the opportunity to gain insight and understanding of the stress in the body which is key to optimum health and wellbeing. If we can better understand what is actually happening inside the body and why we are feeling the symptoms that we have, then we can address the needs of the body in multiple ways and truly take responsibility for our health.

With the use of the Belief Re-patterning® learning technique, individual are supported with the release of limiting beliefs that no longer serve them and the development and strengthening of the beliefs that are empowering and life giving. The results are profound, effective and immediate.

Marnie also provides lunch and learn seminars in the areas of understanding stress, stress reduction, team building, communication, self-development and wellness.

Once you make the decision to become healthy/healthier and experience joy and happiness daily, then Biofeedback, Belief Re-patterning® and coaching can support you on your journey. Health is a choice. We are meant to live a life filled with joy and happiness.


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