Available Classes

Crucible (All Welcome) – A building block toward the “Invitational” class, this 60 minutes of intense physical and mental training will push and pull you in absolutely every direction. This session will build a platform for better balance in your daily living. Bring your mind, mobility, cardio, and strength “A” game, because this session will require them all.


Crucible (Invitational) – So, you have mastered the open forum Crucible sessions and achieved your invite? Now it’s time to take training to a whole other level. The Crucible Invitational requires a commitment of at least one day per week in which you will attend the Free Flow or Animal Flow calisthenics classes. As a member of the Crucible Invitational you are welcome to attend any and all sessions with the Crucible name.


Hard Times is a class dedicated to heavy lifting to target form and precision creating muscular strength. Sessions focus on training volume, repetition, cadence, and form to push your strength to new heights. There is no prior lifting experience necessary to attend these sessions, just the desire to be coached and train smart.


Animal Flow is an innovative new fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout that highlights fluid movement. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels will realize significant benefits from the practice, including increased mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance, skill and neuromuscular communication. Easily tailored to individuals of all fitness levels, Animal Flow is an incredibly versatile workout that makes a great addition to your arsenal of skills.


Free Flow Calisthenics teaches the fundamentals and basic movements of body weight activity. This class allows the participant to become mobile and strong through all joints of the body and planes of movement. This is a fabulous start to those wishing to develop core strength. These sessions are a must for mastering human movement.


Vicious Cycle targets your ability to play hard in all the recreational activities you do. These classes engage in the challenging and focused conditioning designed to allow your body to play harder and faster than ever before. Interval training will be our focus.


Cardio Base / Core is a class designed to hit the base conditioning you’ll need to play and compete in the many events and activities of summer.  Whether you are looking to complete a Gran Fondo, Triathlon, or climb Kilimanjaro, this class is for you. We will spent a lot of time on the bicycle, however other modes are used. You can bring your own bike and ergo to participate. Sessions will focus on lower zone training, developing you into one oxidative machine built to endure. Please note this class is 90 min in length from Oct to Jan and will increase to 120 min in length until the end of March.


Mission Circuit – If strength training with a high cardio output is more your speed then join us for the Mission Circuit workout. This high-powered hour will test virtually every muscle in your body while pushing your cardiovascular capacity further, to maximize caloric burn.