Group Classes Calendar

What you need to know for Group Classes


  • Single Class: $25.00
  • Monthly Commitment (Unlimited Participation) $225.00


At Mission Fitness your instructor will lead the way, suggesting target resistance levels and cadence to strive for. In saying this, you decide what’s right for you, listen to your body first, and the instructor second. We do not have “beginner” or “advanced” cycling classes. You decide the proper intensity for your fitness level, you can work as hard as you want, or for beginner’s you can modify the intensity of your ride.


Our Group Classes are 45-60 minutes long, this includes the warm up and cool down.


We do ride close together so please ensure your clothing is clean and fresh, and your personal hygiene is in check.


Music is an integral part of our Indoor Cycling experience; all of our instructors pick their own music and choreograph their own classes. This allows for each instructors unique personality to shine through, and keeps all of our classes fresh and fun! You never know what’s coming next! The music is loud, so if you do not enjoy this, we provide ear plugs or you can bring your own.

Being Prepared

Bring plenty of cold water and a towel. Try to ensure you have consumed plenty of water prior to class as well, this will ensure a more comfortable ride. Show up no later than 15 minutes prior to class, if you are later than 10 minutes prior to class, your bike may be given away and you will be deducted for the class. Please check in at the front desk prior to heading to the studio, and pick up your shoes if you are renting them.


Mission Fitness includes cycling shoes at no charge, we do encourage you to wear cycling shoes as you get a much better workout and utilize all of your leg muscle’s when you are wearing cycling shoes. You are welcome to bring your own shoes if you have them as well; we use Shimano SPD cycling clips. If you do not have your own cycling shoes, and you do not care to use ours you can also wear clean indoor running shoes.